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Privacy statement

SDMS Ltd for construction, trade and services, based in Zagreb, Hrvatskih branitelja 13, registered with the Companies Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb with company registration number (MBS): 080593318, personal identification number (OIB): 97025037201 (hereafter: „Controller“), places considerable emphasis on ensuring the highest level of privacy protection when processing your personal data that you provide when using the website
The Controller collects merely a minimal quantity of data and uses them only according to the purposes for which the data were collected and of which you were informed. The Controller transmits no data to third parties, without you being informed of it, and without you having given the consent. The Controller constantly endeavours to process and store your data only for as long as necessary for purposes for which they have been collected, or for as long as defined by an agreement or an applicable law.

1. The data we collect

In order to provide high-quality services, the Controller collects various data, i.e. (A) data you provide, (b) data obtained through your usage of our services and (c) data collected by third parties.

The Controller collects the data on your usage of the website, namely on the way and purpose of the usage of the website. We need such data in order to ensure proper and correct functioning of the website, in order to offer you high-quality services, in order to fulfil our legal obligations, and in accordance with our legitimate interest for continuous providing and improvement of our service offerings.

The website uses cookies. In order to offer you the most user-friendly, utile and functional experience on this website as possible, this website saves certain data, i.e. cookies. Cookies allow optimal functioning of the website and improve your experience when navigating and using the website. By visiting this website, you agree to our use of cookies, which can also be blocked. In this case, you can browse the website but cannot fully utilise all the functions. Cookies are small text files, which are saved to your computer, mobile phone or tablet, and which are saved directly by the visited website (first-party cookies) or in collaboration and for the needs of the third party (third-party cookies). Cookies generally store your settings, website settings etc. When you return to the site, your browser sends back the cookies that belong to the site. This enables the website to show you customized information, according to your needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal data. Such information can be saved only if you enable it. This website has no access to data you have not made available, nor access to other files on your computer. If you do not want cookies to be automatically saved on your computer, you can disable it. This could have a negative impact on the usability of the website. In order to disable cookies, you should change your browser’s settings and configuration. In the menu of your browser choose Help and Cookies Information and follow the instructions. Transient cookies or session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close your browser. These cookies are used to enable a site to collect some temporary information. Persistent cookies or permanent cookies are stored on your computer even after you close the browser. These cookies are used to enable the website to save information such as username and password, so that you do not have to login every time you open a website.

For the collection of personal data, it is also possible that certain data are saved by Google Analytics. More information about Google Analytics you can find in the Controller’s Information on the Use of Cookies.

For more information about data protection of Google Analytics, please see here:

Some of our services offered on our website enable you to contact directly the Controller in order to send requests or to schedule a meeting regarding the offered services. For that matter, we may request certain information, in order for you to be able to use such services, and to ensure we can act in accordance with you request. In this particular case, personal data are needed, because the Controller cannot act in accordance with your request without them. Therefore, you will be presented with a form, where you will have to confirm that you have read the Privacy Statement. Thereby you may be asked to enter some data i.e. your email address, name, surname, mobile phone number etc. Some offerings enable you to communicate with others. This communication is transmitted through our systems and stored there.

In some cases, the Controller collects your data through other Internet platforms and sources, which can be brought together with other data you provided. In order to provide you with high-quality services according to your desires and interests, the Collector uses Facebook pixel, which allows us to track your activity on this website, and which transmits this information to Facebook. As a result hereof, you can get Social Media adverts and information that match your desires and interest according to the keywords you searched. This allows you to receive services and information, which you normally would not receive. This improves both your user experience and the Controller’s offer. Such tools can be integrated in network contents, videos and emails. You can also enable servers to read certain data from your computer and to see when you opened certain content or email, or date and time of the display of a tag or IP-address of your computer. The Controller and certain third parties use web beacons for various purposes including analysing offerings usage (together with cookies) and displaying contents and adverts based on your desires and interests.

For more information about mentioned tools, please see here:
By visiting and using this website, you accept the usage of the mentioned tools and other data on your device. You accept also that the Controller and third parties can access to the cookies, local storage technologies, pixel and data.

2. Why do we collect data and who can access to your data

Your data are collected and processed:

• For your usage of our offerings;
• For providing services and fulfilment of your orders;
• For displaying contents and recommendations based on your activity on our website;
• For advertising and sending advertising material;
• For optimisation of our business processes and further development of our service offerings;
• For evaluation and analysis of the activity on this website, as well of our market, clients, products and services;
• To communicate with you;
• For analysing how our clients (including you) use our offerings and contents, so that we can develop it further and so that we can design new products and services according to wishes of our clients;
• For other purposes, upon your consent.

Your personal data shall not be disclosed in public. We pay very close attention to whom we communicate your data. Without your acceptance, we will not disclose your data to third parties for their free marketing or business purposes. When transmitting your data, we adopt all appropriate measures to ensure data protection. If it is possible, necessary and reasonable, we pseudonymise your data or use other techniques to impede the matching of your data. Only in exceptional cases, we shall endeavour to anonymize your data if we estimate the presence of a risk for your rights.

Your data can be disclosed to third parties, which are in a direct business relationship with the Controller or are an integral part of the Controller’s business. Moreover, your data can be transmitted to reliable and trustworthy business partners, whose services and products are an integral part of services, especially healthcare services of the Controller. Such business partners are e.g. labs with whom the Controller collaborates.

If it is regulated by law, or pursuant to a decision of an administrative authority or of a court, it is possible that data are disclosed to the competent authority and other third parties:

• In order to observe legal obligations or to comply with binding legal procedures (e.g. search order or other court orders);
• In order to assess and ensure compliance with standards that regulate our services and
• In order to protect the rights, ownership or security of the users, clients and the Controller.

The Controller uses and constantly develops its personal data collection and process system in order to ensure both the compliance of the system with legal regulations and your security. In doing so, we take reasonable physical and technical data protection measures. We constantly strive to follow the technical development and to observe the guidelines of data protection regulatory authorities both in Croatia and in the European Union.

However, we would like to point out that due to ongoing technological development, every user should be aware that no system is absolutely secure, and that is objectively impossible to anticipate all the risks that could emerge. The Controller has no influence on shortcomings in the offerings of the third parties, which are important for the functioning of this website. Inadmissible attacks to this website are always possible, but the Controller takes all reasonable measures to minimise the risks that could emerge.

The Controller strives by all means to design his data protection system to be as safe as possible.


3. Miscellaneous

If despite all this explanations in this Privacy Statement you should nevertheless have difficulties in understanding some issues, or if you think that some details should be explained better, do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer. He will do his best to answer all of the reasonable queries in collaboration with our technical department and in accordance with objective capabilities, in order to keep you informed.

We are legally obliged to inform you that you have the right to object to processing of your personal data by the Controller and by the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency. If you send a query, the Controller will inform you of methods and procedure used for the processing of your personal data. If the personal data are inaccurate, they will be rectificated upon your request. In this case, and in properly defined other cases, you have the right to restriction of processing. You have also the right to demand the transmission of your data to another controller.

All the queries are assessed and, if possible, answered within 30 days, if they are rightfully motivated. The answering dynamics depends on the type of your query and of the quantity and type of other possible queries. In case of unreasonable, too detailed, often repeated or other unjustifiedly difficult queries, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for answering your query. In extremely rare cases, we shall be entitled to refuse to answer you query.